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Leadership is a discipline, not an accident.

Highland Consulting Group Inc. is a leadership company, plain and simple. We know what great leadership looks like... and so do you. Our job is to help individuals and organizations achieve that greatness.

Everything that happens in your locus of control starts with and is connected to you, the leader. You've heard people say, "follow the money." In our work, we say, "follow the leader," to understand what is or is not working in their team or organization. Why? It always, always starts at the top. It turns out that, just like any essential skill set, leadership is a learned discipline.

When we move from individual contributor to leading others, everything changes. You were a star player one day, and the next day, by luck or design, you became the team's coach. In that instant, the metrics for your success took a 180 degree turn. Success is no longer about just is about your people. Leading others must be a joyful experience for you, or you need new perspective, new skills, or a new job.

We are passionate about helping you lead so brilliantly that the ripples your behaviors and actions create will make you - and those you lead - proud. We only work with men and women leaders who are good enough and motivated enough to get better. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a senior executive we will help you navigate the path that gets you where you want to go.

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Roxana Bahar Hewertson, CEO

Roxana (Roxi) has spent her entire career leading and learning the truths about how and why leaders - great, mediocre, and awful - lead the way they do. For 35 years, she has helped both emerging and expert leaders

boost quantifiable job performance in education, service, sales, productivity, and profits to achieve or exceed organizational and personal goals. Roxi has been leading teams since the '70s with her early years in the corporate recording industry, then as an entrepreneur, and finally as a senior university administrator. Her graduate work at Cornell University, focusing on leadership and change, added theory to all that practice, both of which she has taught students at Cornell. Learn more about Roxi....

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