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Leadership is an Art and a Science.

The global financial and social realities, the rise in ethical challenges, and the imperative to lead with grace and awareness while producing results, makes top notch executive coaching even greater and more urgent than ever.

The art of leadership is more than mastering the ability to wield power and influence others. It is a set of learned skills - whether by accident or by intent - that lead to improved performance, increased engagement and productivity, more opportunities for service, and reductions incostly and ineffective practices.

The science of leadership is as important as the art. Neither functions well without the other. Think organic. Think holistic and systemic. All the parts are connected. The rhythm and cadence of your leadership as it relates to others is what drives results. The science of leadership requires the right data, processes, and methodologies whether it's your own leadership or the entire organization's performance. We need to know where we're going in order to get there, and those decisions must be driven by vision, principles, and data.

Highland Executive Coaching is:

  • Exclusive - We accept up to 5 senior executive clients per year who are 100% committed to invest the time to become extraordinary leaders. You are safe with us. We protect your confidentiality. Our early conversations are to make sure we are right for you and you are right for us. It has to be win/win. It has to be private.Nothing less works.

  • Experience - We bring over 5 decades of combined hands-on, real-world leadership experience. We, and you, will be laser focused on your desired path of excellence in leadership and in life. You will receive crystal clear information about how you use your energy, your power, your talents, and your wisdom. You will receive personal, one-on-one attention because you deserve it and that's what works to get you exactly where you want to go.

  • Educational - We help you enhance your great skills and fill-in your knowledge gaps through a highly customized process and learning plan that is always one of a kind because you are one of a kind.

  • Execution - We get results because we can't win unless you win. We focus on exactly what you need to elevate your game. You will have an execution and follow-through plan that works for you and get you the results you want.

  • Exciting - We are YOUR partner for truly transformational leadership.Your whole life will change for the better because you'll have the awareness, knowledge, and tools to get you where you are going.

We partner with you to analyze your individual needs, clarify situations, enhance your communications and implement action steps. We will help you sharpen your skills and overcome hurdles as you understand your core values and behaviors in the context of your current position and the position and/or goals you are shooting for.

For more information or to enroll, contact Highland Consulting Group, Inc. at

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What People are Saying

Thank you,Roxi! As you know,I had built a

reputation of being a hard-nosed implementer with little capacity for empathy. Some of that reputation was an accurate depiction of who I was, some was an intentional mechanism that I used to get work done. It turns out, as proficient as I am technically and analytically, those skills aren't tremendously uncommon. What differentiates me from the pack NOW are the skills you taught me. I was just complimented again by my boss today about how much she appreciates my interpersonal skills. She says I have a “real knack with people.” What I learned from you has changed my life!

"Roxi's professional coaching is an experience I will never forget and always be grateful to have received. In fact, to this day, I still refer back to the notes from our professional coaching sessions. What is different about Roxi is that she quickly connects with people in a very trusting way and works to uncover the root of communication and behavioral barriers. She taught me how to move from surviving to thriving by giving me candid feedback and solid tools and approaches to use based on playing to my strengths and minimizing my challenges. Roxi coaches to a level of depth most do not by providing insight into fears and anxieties and applying subtle pressure to guide and encourage action. Roxi is truly a gem and her ability to effectively coach is a gift to all."

"Roxi is both an outstanding Group Facilitator and an impactful Executive Coach. Roxi worked with our associates as guest faculty in our corporate university. Her interactive approach always captivated her audiences and kept them excited to learn. As a coach, Roxi clearly made a difference gaining the trust of many wary leaders and helping them to identify and work hard towards achieving meaningful goals."